Would you rather questions are always a hit.

We’re seeing them pop up more and more in the trendy Instagram Story templates. They’re the topic of many games for adults. They make great conversation starters during first dates and corporate icebreaker events.

Would You Rather Questions for Kids

One of our favorite ways to incorporate would you rather questions for kids, in particular, is doing it bilingual style!

What do we mean by this?

In our family, we have relatively short commutes between home, school, and work, but the trips around the city can often still feel long for our child.

“What’s taking so long?” and “Are we there yet?” are occasional questions we have to field, just like any other parents do.

Sometimes, when we hear these impatient murmurings, we break into would you rather questions. The twist here is that we do it in German, our family’s target language.

My German is limited, but I know enough vocabulary to play this game for about 10 minutes or so…the perfect amount of time before my son gets bored with it anyway.

Our German would you rather questions for kids might go like this:

  • Blau (blue) oder Rot (red)
  • Schnell (fast) oder Langsam (slow)
  • Batman oder Superman
  • (happy) oder Traurig (sad)
  • Leise (quiet) oder Laut (loud)
  • Winter oder Sommer (Summer)
  • Morgen (morning) oder Nacht (night)
  • Alt (old) oder Jung (young)
  • Katze (cat) oder Hund (dog)

…and the list goes on.

This game is great for monolingual, bilingual, and multilingual parents alike.

How can monolingual parents (parents who only speak one language) play this game with their kids? The answer is easy: learn some new vocab in your child’s target language.

And if your family doesn’t have a target language (i.e., nobody in the family is learning a new language), don’t let that stop you either.

Take these steps to learn some new words:

  1. Choose 10 opposite-type word pairs.
  2. Look them up in any language of your choosing.
  3. Write them down.
  4. Study them whenever you have a few moments to spare.
  5. Watch YouTube videos to see how they are pronounced.
  6. Commit them to memory.
  7. Teach them to your kids, and repeat, repeat, repeat them whenever you can.

Congrats! Now you’re ready with a solid set of would you rather questions for kids.

Plus, if you don’t already speak the target language, you’ve just learned 20 new words. If your kids don’t already speak another language, so have they. (If you’re already a bilingual or multilingual mom or dad, you’re a step ahead of the rest of us and can likely ask would you rather questions with ease.)

Try this game the next time you’re in the car for an extended period of time. Leave us a comment to let us know how it went!

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