There are books about languages and culture. There are apps about languages and culture.

With The Hello Atlas, you get both!

Let’s start with the 79-page The Hello Atlas book.

As of June 2018, it ranks in three Amazon categories:

  • #3 in Children’s Chinese Foreign Language Learning Books
  • #86 in Children’s Geography & Cultures Books about Travel
  • #366 in Children’s Geography & Cultures Books about Exploring the World

Not too shabby, right? The #86 in the travel-specific category is particularly impressive.

If you’ve ever wanted to introduce your child to geography, culture, and languages in an all-in-one resource, this book is for you.

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The Hello Atlas will take you, as aptly described by Elizabeth Anne Ragain in the School Library Journal, on “a linguistic journey through each country.” The countries are grouped by continents. Background information on languages and cultures within each continent accompany the beautiful, whimsical illustrations found on every page.

Diversity is a key element of this book, too. Yes, a few stereotypical types of dress are in there. For the most part, though, children of all colors, in a variety of clothing styles, are placed across the globe.

The Hello Atlas Book on Amazon Prime

Regarding the language aspect of the book, simple greetings and other phrases for more than 100 languages are included. Not sure how to pronounce what you’re seeing in the book? Not a problem…

…There’s The Hello Atlas app for that!

Available for iOS and Android, The Hello Atlas app groups its content by continent like the book does.

Open the app, and you’ll be greeted by cheerful music and the question, “Where do you want to go?” Tap the homescreen, then tap any continent to be taken to the set of languages within that continent section.

Here’s South America, for example:

South America on The Hello Atlas App

Keep scrolling and you’ll see even more languages to choose from.

Once you select a language, you’ll get to hear how native speakers pronounce basic words and phrases–and at the same time see how they’re spelled:

  • Hello
  • How are you?
  • I’m fine.
  • Pleased to meet you.
  • What’s your name?
  • My name is…

Here’s a screenshot of the Arawak language:

Arawak from The Hello Atlas App

The beauty of The Hello Atlas book and app is that they both incorporate indigenous and lesser-known languages.

Although some app reviewers have complained of the sound not working, we didn’t have any issues whatsoever on an Android device.

Also, note that at this time, the app is free for everyone, whether or not you’ve purchased the book. So if you buy The Hello Atlas book from Amazon (hello, Amazon Prime free one-day shipping!), while you wait for delivery, go ahead and download the app so you can start to get familiar with it.

If you have The Hello Atlas book and app, let us know what you think of the package.

Feel free to leave a comment below!

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