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This page is designed to connect you with a few resources that we personally use to raise our own bilingual kids. Important note: The links on this page are affiliate links, which means that if you purchase through these links, it helps us earn a bit of money too–all at no extra cost to you. By purchasing through these links, you are helping to keep Language Preschools up and running, so thank you!

Don’t forget: One of the best resources for raising bilingual kids is your local language immersion preschool. Language immersion preschools can be found in every state in the United States. If there’s not one near you yet, just wait. They’re growing in popularity, so you might see one near you soon.

Book Resources for Bilingual Kids

Epic Books Bilingual Kids ResourcesEpic! has been called “The Netflix of Kids’ Books.” It is a digital library of more than 25,000 children’s books, many of which are in Spanish and French too! We love that Epic! is affordable for families (only $7.99 per month) and FREE for teachers and librarians. This tool can be accessed via the website, as well as on iOS and Android devices. If you don’t like it, you can cancel anytime.

The first month of Epic! is free, so create your account and start your free trial month today.

Simon Goes to School, a MamaLingua book available through Amazon, is a children’s book about a boy who is about to start his first year at a Spanish-English bilingual school. It is the perfect book to read to children who are about to begin their first year at a language immersion school. Embedded throughout the book are fun Spanish words such as “superpoder,” which in English means “superpower.” Because learning languages gives us superpowers!

Get your copy of Simon Goes to School.


Audio Resources for Bilingual Kids

Amazon Echo Dot Kids - Bilingual KidsThe Echo Dot Kids Edition is a smart speaker with a personal assistant…for the kids! How’s it different from the regular Echo Dot, you ask? The Echo Dot Kids Edition comes with a two-year warranty, but that’s not all. With the purchase of the kids’ version, you get a one-year subscription to FreeTime Unlimited, which has family-friendly features and parental controls. The parents controls are what we think most parents will appreciate about this version of the Echo Dot. You can limit your kids’ usage of the device to specific hours, as well as set restrictions on certain activities and songs that your kids can use with the device. Parents also receive access to a digital Parent Dashboard to review how your children are interacting with the Echo Dot. With an increasing number of “skills” being added to the platform, we’re excited to see how this type of technology continues to evolve for language learning!

Get your Echo Dot Kids Edition here.

Subscription Resources for Bilingual Kids

little passports subscription boxes for bilingual kidsLittle Passports isn’t specific to language learning, but it is all about geography and perfectly accompanies any language learning curriculum. The Early Explorers Subscription is best for 3- to 5-year-olds. The first month’s kit includes an orange suitcase, wall-sized world map, 20-page activity booklet, luggage tag, stickers and photo. Subsequent kits’ themes feature music, animals, food, art, natural wonders, world discoveries, and more. This is a fabulous kit for preschool-aged children, whether in language immersion programs, traditional preschool classrooms, homeschool, or other!

Start your subscription for Early Explorers for 3-5 year olds.

Subscription Box of the Month: Little Global Citizens (10% off First Order) - Learn More at LanguagePreschools.comLittle Global Citizens is a subscription box designed for children from age 3 to 8 years old. A new country is featured each month, and the box includes parent and kid guides for that country, cultural crafts and supplies, cultural activities, a great book (or two!), toy or collectible item and dinner party theme night guide. Sibling add-on packages are available so that nobody feels left out–and there’s more fun for everyone!

Start your subscription for Little Global Citizens and enjoy a 15% off discount code.

TalkBox.MomTalkBox.Mom-Language Learning Program for Kids - Bilingual Kids has two primary product offerings for parents raising bilingual kids: language phrasebooks for parents and monthly subscription boxes called “TalkBoxes.” Both product lines come with audio so you can hear the words and phrases pronounced by native speakers. Each TalkBox has a different theme and is worth 15 to 30 hours of private instruction (a $600 value!). Choose from monthly, bimonthly and quarterly TalkBox subscriptions. There are 18 boxes in all…so lots to learn and love.

Get $15 off your first TalkBox when you bundle it with your book! Use coupon code REFJXJOYKLGBH

Printable Resources for Bilingual Kids

Linguacious is probably best known for its award-winning Around The Home Flashcard Game, flashcards that come in a variety of languages and include an audio component through fun and quick QR code scanning. The flashcards are poker-size, easy for little hands to hold. Other flashcard sets, including topics of animals, food and drinks, and verbs, are also available. But the fun doesn’t end with the flashcards. Linguacious has poster sets too. Our favorite one is the animal poster set–three posters with real photos of animals.

Get your Linguacious flashcard set in Spanish, French, German, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, Hebrew, and several other languages.

Parent Resources for Language Learning

Interested in learning a language alongside your child—or perhaps just want to brush up on a native language that’s grown a bit rusty? We know of some resources you’ll appreciate.

parent language resources bilingual kids italkiitalki connects language learners and teachers around the world in real time through Skype or another virtual meeting software. We’ve written previously how, with close parental supervision, italki is a great resource for children learning another language. The service is mostly used by adults. We’ve seen some incredible results from the platform ourselves. italki offers dozens of languages, even many of the lesser-known ones. Plus, it’s incredibly affordable!

Learn more and get started with italki here.

Pimsleur parent resources raising bilingual kidsPimsleur is our favorite audio language learning resource for adults. It is best used when you’re alone and can speak aloud, so it’s perfect for the stay-at-home parent or the working parent who commutes to and from the office. Pimsleur’s lessons consistently build upon each other. Throughout the curriculum, you’re tested with verbal exercises, mimicking a real-life dialogue situation, as if you were speaking directly with a native speaker. Pimsleur is among the most well-known and highest rated language softwares—and for good reason!

Learn a new language with Pimsleur and save up to 25% off + Free S&H Storewide! Use code SAVENOW.

The Language Gym by Fluent in 3 Months is something we wish we would have created first, but polyglot Benny Lewis beat us to it (and he’s probably the better person to create it anyway). With this 21-day course of mini-lessons, you’ll get language learning motivational tips, a set of powerful memory techniques, and hacks to learn a language more effectively. The Language Gym comes with two great bonuses, and the program has a 14-day no questions asked, money-back guarantee. So strengthen those language learning muscles because what have you got to lose?

Learn more and get started with The Language Gym here.

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