The Raising Cultured Kids Podcast - Kaci Schack - Language Immersion Preschools

I’ve always considered myself more of a writer than a speaker, and I still do. And that’s what I told Shannon Kelly via Instagram DM when she asked me to be a guest on her new podcast, The Raising Cultured Kids Podcast.

Nonetheless, she was a cheerleader in getting me to come on her podcast and share my story with language learning and my passion for language immersion preschools.

Shannon Kelly is the incredible Founder and CEO of The Cultured Kid, the leading Spanish and French language curriculum for preschoolers. Italian is coming next, I believe, and my fingers are crossed that German will be a fast follow after Italian.

I was so honored that Shannon asked me to be a guest, and I hope you’ll give the episode a listen to learn about:

  • How I became interested in language learning as an adult (after a subpar high school French experience)
  • Why I chose German for myself and my family
  • My son’s first experiences with his German immersion preschool (and how quickly he adapted and picked up the language after a rocky first month)
  • How got its start — and my mission for the website
  • Some tips for parents who are considering a language immersion preschool for their child
  • And more!

Listen to The Raising Cultured Kids Podcast – Episode 002 // Language Immersion Preschools.

Hearing myself on a podcast was definitely a weird experience because, as an avid listener of podcasts, I’m used to listening to many of the top-ranked podcasts, with the most eloquent of speakers. But Shannon is a natural host and actually helped me sound pretty good (I do need to work on the “ums,” I’m aware). I owe a special thanks and shout-out to Shannon for giving me the opportunity to share about Find out more about her and her language programs at The Cultured Kid¬†website. Follow her on Instagram at @theculturedkid and @raisingculturedkidspodcast.

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