Who else loves podcasts? I (Kaci) am such a podcast nerd–and have been for several years. Back in 2010, while in grad school at the University of Georgia, I had to research and develop a presentation about podcasting. I should have started a podcast then, but nearly 10 years later, I still haven’t bitten the bullet. Instead, I spend a lot of down time consuming podcasts by talented, motivational, and passionate speakers and educators.

After becoming interested in language learning around 2014-2015, I began to find and subscribe to language-related podcasts. Today, I want to share some of my favorites with you. These are all generic podcasts, which means that none are specific to a certain language and therefore can be enjoyed by all.

The first two sections below, current podcasts and older podcasts, are designed for parents who are raising bilingual kids. The last section, other podcasts, are geared toward adult language learners. I’ve included it because I believe that many of the principles shared in these adult language learner podcasts can be applied to children as well. Also, maybe you’re learning a language on your own and with your kids, and you need some inspiration for adults, by adults!

Current Podcasts for Parents Raising Bilingual Kids

The following two podcasts are ones with new episodes being published regularly.

The Raising Cultured Kids PodcastThe Raising Cultured Kids Podcast

This podcast is brand new, and guess what? I’m a guest on the episode that is being released on Monday, September 24, just a few days from now. Shannon Kelly is the founder and mastermind behind The Cultured Kid, a brand out of Australia that provides immersive videos, play-based lessons, phonetic flashcards, activity sheets, and more to parents and preschools. I’m so excited to see where this podcast goes.

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Learn more and listen to The Raising Cultured Kids podcast here.

Entre Dos Podcast for Raising Bilingual KidsEntre Dos Podcast

Entre Dos Podcast is another podcast that is relatively new. The cohosts are Monika, from Puerto Rico, and Paula, from Colombia. These women met in grad school in Miami, and some years later, have started this wonderful new podcast where they interview academic researchers, moms, authors, and more about raising bilingual and bicultural children. I’m honored to have been invited to be a guest on this podcast, but with a new baby and a three-year-old at home, the opportunity hasn’t worked out yet. Hopefully soon!

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Learn more and listen to the Entre Dos Podcast here.

Older Podcasts for Parents Raising Bilingual Kids

The following three podcasts are ones that have not had a new episode published in several months. If these podcasts are new to you, you’ll gain a lot from going back through the archives and listening to each episode.

Bilingual Avenue PodcastBilingual Avenue Podcast

From Caracas, Venezuela, Marianna Du Bosq, founder of Bilingual Avenue and the Bilingual Avenue podcast, is a bilingual mom, former bilingual educator, and lifetime language learner. The podcast has taken a hiatus, but in bilingual parenting Facebook groups I’m part of, I still see it recommended more than other podcasts on the same topic. Marianna and her husband Todd raise their two children in English and Spanish through the commonly used method, One Parent One Language (OPOL).

Learn more and listen to the Bilingual Avenue podcast here.

Bilingual Kids Rock PodcastBilingual Kids Rock Podcast

Bilingual Kids Rock was founded by Olena Centeno, a Ukrainian who lives in United States. Olena speaks three languages and is raising her three kids to be trilingual too. Her mission is to help parents and caregivers raise bilingual and multilingual children, and one way of accomplishing that is through her Bilingual Kids Rock podcast.

Learn more and listen to the Bilingual Kids Rock podcast here.

Breaking Espanol PodcastBreaking Español

Breaking Español was my favorite podcast for a long time. I started listening around the time I decided to raise my son to be bilingual. Jennie and Ben Sullins, the married cohosts, were taking the same path I hoped to–learning Spanish alongside their young son (except that I was learning German instead of Spanish). Through their podcasts, they shared their language experiences as individuals, as a couple, and as parents. I looked forward to their show each week, and I was disappointed when they stopped making new episodes earlier this year. Maybe they’ll surprise us with a new one sometime in the near future!

Learn more and listen to the Breaking Español podcast here.

Other Podcasts about Languages & Language Learning

The following podcasts are primarily intended for adult language learners. As I mentioned earlier in this post, parents who are raising bilingual kids can also benefit from the various tips and strategies that are presented within.

I Will Teach You a Language PodcastI Will Teach You a Language Podcast

Olly Richards is host of the I Will Teach You a Language podcast. He’s a polyglot who speaks eight languages, so he certainly knows what he’s doing when it comes to language learning. He publishes, on average, two new episodes each week, and they’re always rich with content.

Learn more and listen to the I Will Teach You a Language podcast here.

Most recently, Olly announced that his bestselling short stories collections have gotten a facelift and that he’ll be releasing the new editions with the company TeachYourself. They’re available for pre-order now. Here’s the Spanish version:

The Language Learning Show PodcastThe Language Learning Show Podcast

The Language Learning Show is a podcast by Azren Raju, who goes by the name “Azren the Language Nerd.” He currently speaks three languages fluently and a few others at an intermediate level. Azren’s enthusiasm for languages is contagious, and what I like about him is that he shows up nearly every day on social media and through his podcast.

Learn more and listen to The Language Learning Show podcast here.

The Fluent Show PodcastThe Fluent Show Podcast

Kerstin Cable, host of The Fluent Show, is another polyglot. The Fluent Show’s tagline is “Loving, Living and Learning Languages.” Kerstin and her guests will certainly inspire you to do all three of those things. Sometimes fellow polyglot Lindsay Williams also tunes in, and those two ladies together make for some great dialogue about language learning. A fun fact about Kerstin is that her native language is German–the language that my family is learning.

Learn more and listen to The Fluent Show podcast here.

Actual Fluency PodcastActual Fluency Podcast

Kris Boholm, host of the Actual Fluency podcast, doesn’t publish new episodes regularly, but when he does, they’re always long (and I prefer long, rich podcasts) and have thought-provoking guests. Kris writes that he “created Actual Fluency to find the secrets to learning languages, including interviewing some of the world’s most accomplished and amazing experts of today.” And he does exactly that.

Learn more and listen to the Actual Fluency podcast here.

America the Bilingual PodcastAmerica the Bilingual Podcast

The podcast America the Bilingual takes a more sociological approach to language content. The tagline of this podcast is “Dedicated to the pursuit of bilingualism in America as one path to a healthier, stronger nation.” The episodes are not published often, but when they are, you’ll want to listen to these deep, meaningful conversations around various language themes.

Learn more and listen to the America the Bilingual podcast here.

What are some podcasts, language related or not, that you’re loving lately? Leave a comment with your recommendation, please!

10 Podcasts for Parents Raising Bilingual Kids

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