First of all, how great is this name for a company…


We love it! The company’s tagline “Making language learning fun and audacious” is, after all, what language learning should be all about: having fun and having audacity to dream big and conquer another language.

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What is Linguacious®?

Linguacious is an award-winning company founded by a trilingual family of three: father from Brazil, mother from Ukraine, and young son, who consequently speaks three languages–Portuguese, Russian, and English. It’s from their son’s trilingual success that Linguacious was created. It’s a story that hits close to home. The linguistic success of our own child through a language immersion preschool is why we created Language Preschools.

Linguacious’ language learning products

In full disclosure, Linguacious sent us a package of their products in exchange for a review. We were not financially compensated. The company simply has not yet had a review of its German language products. Because we are a German-speaking (or attempting to speak) family, we agreed to write an honest review.

Linguacious has two primary product categories: flashcards and posters. These are already available in many languages, with more to come, as the Linguacious Team assures us on their website by saying, “We want to publish our products in as many languages as our lifetimes will allow…”

Linguacious German Flashcard Deck

Linguacious German Flashcards

Observations of our four-year-old

  • His favorite product was the poster set.
  • Upon arrival of the products, he sat down with the posters and went through each animal one by one, identifying his favorites and asking about the few animals he hadn’t seen before.
  • We left the posters out on the dining room table this week, and he has gone back to them multiple times to name the animals in both English and German.
  • He hasn’t taken an interest in the flashcards yet; this weekend, we hope to introduce one or two flashcard games with him (and we’ll update the post when we do!).

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Thanks to @linguacious_llc, we're one step closer to becoming fluent in German! He loves the posters the best; we're huge fans of the flashcards and the games. With both, you get audio from native speakers with a simple scan of the QR code. 🎉 ☆45+ languages!☆ 🌎 Learn more about Linguacious and get your hands on these products through our latest blog post. Link in bio for a limited time. ☝️☝️☝️ . . . . . #linguacious #flashcards #posters #bilingual #bilingualkids #bilingualbaby #worldkids #languagestudy #languagesforkids #languagepreschool #preschooler #toddler #montessori #fluency #spanish #german #french #bilingualblogger #languages #languagelearning #languagetips

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Thoughts from us, the parents

  • Our favorite product was the flashcard set. (I, Kaci, am a huge advocate of flashcards when it comes to language learning or any type of learning.)
  • For the German pronunciation, we downloaded the Linguacious Scanner to scan the QR codes for each item on the flashcards and animal on the posters. We appreciate that the pronunciations are delivered by native speakers.
  • Both the flashcards and the posters are incredibly sturdy. Both, too, are the perfect size.
  • We think the real photos of animals and items are helpful for children because there’s no confusion about what the animal or item is. However, as adults with careers in marketing/branding, we would like to see what they’d look like with a more modern design.
  • We love that Linguacious’ products are available in 45+ languages. That’s incredible!

View Linguacious products on Amazon here. Many are Prime eligible!

Get involved with Linguacious

If you want to get involved with company (beyond, of course, supporting a family and small business owners through the purchase of their language learning products), here are a couple of ways:

1. Write for the Linguacious blog.

The team is always looking for blog contributors, especially in areas of raising children who speak more than one language, inspiring kids’ interests in other languages, reviewing products and services that promote children’s language learning, and exploring language education in the United States and around the world. If you would like to write a guest post, contact the team here.

2. Submit suggestions for new games.

As a marketing professional, I know that one of the best ways to sell a product is to show all the many great things you can actually do with it. Linguacious has done an excellent job developing and explaining the various games that you can play with their flashcards.

On the Flashcard Games page, you’ll find:

  • Word Whiz
  • Pointing Fingers (or Pick Up the Card)
  • It’s All Behind Us Now
  • The Twins
  • Watch Out for the Thief
  • Tic Tac Toe
  • Printable Vocabulary Bingo
  • Vocabulary Train
  • Linguacious® Snakes and Ladders
  • Bilingual Memory Game
  • Let’s Sort This Out

On the Poster Games page, you’ll find:

  • Spot the Right Image
  • Spelling Battle (two versions)

However, if you have a suggestion for a new game, submit it here. The Linguacious Team will test it, and if they like it, they’ll add it to their games page, credit you, and send you a free flashcard deck or poster of your choice (this may be a limited time offer only).

3. Follow Linguacious on social media.

Stay up to date on all things Linguacious and kids’ language learning. Check out Linguacious’ social media pages, and give them a like and/or follow.

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