We’re awestruck by a brand we recently came across on Instagram, Letters from Afar.

Letters from Afar, created by a husband-wife team out of North Carolina, is a monthly subscription for kids and adults alike. It features hand painted snail mail letters from a fictional character, Isabelle, based on actual 19th-century explorer Isabella Bird. This character “writes” from various destinations she “travels” to across the world. These destinations can be famous cities but also places that are not as well known. The idea is to step into the character’s shoes and imagine yourself traveling alongside her.

For only $6 monthly (not including the cost of postage), you can receive a beautifully crafted letter made of recycled, sustainable materials.

Letters from Afar even sends internationally! Although the actual letters are copies, each envelope is hand addressed, a lovely personalized touch.

The duo behind Letters from Afar has thought of everything, including vintage stamps and a gifting option. Note that this post isn’t sponsored, so if you want to gift us a subscription, we won’t be mad. Jokes aside, this seems like the perfect gift for a friend or relative.

Subscribers can cancel anytime–or even skip a month–although at just $6 a month, we doubt you’ll want to. Plus, by subscribing to Letters from Afar, you are helping Pencils of Promise, a nonprofit organization that builds schools around the world. A portion of all proceeds benefit Pencils of Promise.

Still on the fence about this subscription service?

Check out @letters.from.afar on Instagram, and you’ll want to sign up right away. Add these letters to your child’s bedtime reading routine, and bring the world to your family!

A few Instagram posts we’re loving:

"And so… the adventure begins. " 🐫

A post shared by Letters From Afar (@letters.from.afar) on

“Blessed are the curious for they shall have adventures” ✨ Many people ask me what inspired Letters From Afar. Why did I chose this idea? . Growing up as a homeschooled kid, I had loads of time on my hands… time to create, play and explore! We lived in the mountains of CO and my days were filled with exploring the outdoors with my sisters, drawing maps, creating made-up lands, etc. ❤️ My dreams at night were filled with far away travels and experiencing new places. My childhood has shaped my adulthood, and I realize how blessed I was to have an upbringing like I did. I want this business and my letters to spark curiousity about new places, new people, new traditions. Most importantly, I want to inspire others to dream big. 🌎✨

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What other brands or products have you come across lately that you’d recommend? Please leave a comment and let us know so we can check them out.

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