Hi, I’m Kaci Schack, and I’m the founder of LanguagePreschools.com, an online directory of language immersion preschools across the United States.

LanguagePreschools.com lets you find, add, rate, and review language immersion preschools. Currently, we have over 250 listings of preschool programs, but I need your help. We need to add more. I do not have all of them captured. So please add a preschool that you’re familiar with in your area. If the preschool is already added, send me an email at Kaci@LanguagePreschools.com so I can update the description, add a YouTube video link, add the Facebook link, and basically beef up that particular listing.

So what is a language immersion preschool?

A language immersion preschool is one in which the students are immersed in another language. These kids are exposed to the target language at an almost 100 percent level, so they’re not actively taking classes to learn a language–they’re learning everything a preschool student would while also being immersed, nearly 100 percent, in that target language.

Language immersion preschools are for people of all backgrounds.

You do not have to speak the language of that school in order to go to that preschool. At our house, we speak very minimal German, yet my son goes to the German school, and he is practically fluent for his age in German.

One of the best parts about our language immersion program–and programs across the United States–is that we don’t pay any more, really, than we would pay for a traditional preschool.

The costs are relative, and I have peace of mind knowing that not only is he getting a great preschool education, he’s also learning another language. To me, that is awesome.

Here’s a freebie for you!

Last year, I wrote my first-ever eBook, The Language Immersion School Handbook: Advice from a Monolingual Mom Raising a Bilingual Child. This eBook is free to you. Just download it via the form on this page. It’s a short eBook–it’s about 45 pages, and it covers our experience with a language immersion preschool in our area. It also includes a little bit of research, as well as tips for families interested in enrolling in a language immersion preschool program.

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