Who doesn’t like free stuff, especially when it comes to language freebies for ourselves or the kids?

When language brand Lil’ollo recently announced its language Freebies Club, we signed up right away. After all, this crocodile printout, named Crocobody, is too cute to resist!

Crocobody comes with body part labels in 8 languages: Dutch, Italian, Polish, Spanish, French, German, Welsh, and Mandarin. A “DIY Any Language” option is on its way in case your language isn’t available. You can download Crocobody as many times, and in as many languages, as you’d like. The little green guy also comes with instructions so there’s no doubt about how to assemble or use it.

Crocobody is the first of many monthly language freebies (product printables, games guides, or other resources). In addition to these freebies, joining the Lil’ollo Freebies Club gets you 10% off your first order in the Lil’ollo store. There you’ll find printables, posters and maps, and flash cards and games in a variety of languages and in vibrant colors.

We’ve been fans of Lil’ollo for a couple of years now–long before LanguagePreschools.com was conceived. Alex, the creator of the brand, is such a lovely person. She is truly living the bilingual family life by raising, along with her husband, their two young children to speak more than one language.

If you’re on Instagram, be sure to follow Lil’ollo there so you can stay up-to-date on all the incredible products, both free and available for purchase, that Alex will be developing in the coming weeks, months, and years. Like we are, she’s on a mission to “help more children and their grown-ups get started and enjoy their [language learning] journey together.”

Thanks, Lil’ollo Team, for our first freebie! We can’t wait to use the German version with our little one here in Texas.

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