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Maybe you’re wondering how to supplement your child’s language learning at home. Or maybe you want to learn a language yourself.

italki is a great solution for both!

italki is an online language exchange platform that connects language learners with language teachers across the globe. If you have internet connection and a computer, tablet or smartphone, you can use the platform.

Best of all, with your supervision, your child can use italki too. Within the platform’s teacher search filter is an option to choose teachers who are skilled at teaching children.

Here are the number of teachers on italki that self-report being skilled at teaching children:

  • 325 Spanish teachers
  • 178 Chinese (Mandarin) teachers
  • 148 Russian teachers
  • 144 French teachers
  • 108 Italian teachers
  • 78 Japanese teachers
  • 73 German teachers

And the list goes on with dozens of other languages too!

Safety and privacy precautions are key with children using italki

When children are online, safety and privacy are obviously paramount. italki’s support article How do I use italki to help my child / children learn a foreign language? is an excellent resource for parents who are considering using italki for their children’s language learning. It includes tips around topics such as creating a joint profile, making initial contact with teachers, changing privacy settings and teaching the basics of online safety.

Common sense says to be present with your child whenever he or she is working with the italki teacher. With lessons as short as 30 minutes (recommend for children anyway), your time spent supervising will be minimal. Plus, whether you have aspirations of becoming fluent in another language or not, you’ll pick up words and phrases alongside your child.

Trial lessons are available to find the best teacher fit for you and your child

Most italki teachers offer discounted, shorter trial lessons, so take advantage of them. Trial lessons provide a valuable opportunity to assess whether a specific teacher has good teacher-student chemistry with you and your child. Your child may respond differently to different teachers, so be patient until you find the right teacher. At the same time, though, understand that teachers are human and that lessons are live in real-time. If you are seeking scripted, rehearsed language learning videos or software, you should probably look elsewhere.

We recommend this tool because we’ve used it and love it!

italki’s lesson scheduling makes language learning convenient for you and your child. What a great time we live in, when we can connect with native speakers around the world. We have taken German lessons through italki, and the experience has been amazing. Try it for yourself or with your child, and watch your family’s target language abilities blossom.

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