We are suckers for a good challenge, and since we just got our first real globe, we decided to create a Globe Challenge (#GlobeChallenge) this month.

For the Globe Challenge, you’ll need a world globe. A world map or atlas will work, but there’s something special (and nostalgic) about a three-dimensional, rotating globe–just like the ones our parents had when we were kids.

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Need a world globe?

Grab this “#1 Best Seller in Geographic Globes” from Amazon. With nearly 4.5 stars and almost 700 customer reviews, this 8-inch world globe comes with a stand and has built-in LED for illuminated night view. Plus, if you’re an Amazon Prime member, it’s eligible for free same-day shipping.

So what’s a Globe Challenge?

The idea behind the #GlobeChallenge is that for the 30 or 31 days of the month (or maybe 28 or 29, in the case of February), you help your preschool-aged kids find a new country on the globe. You also do some age-appropriate activities related to the country of the day.

Here’s a list of countries, but feel free to replace any of these with your own favorite countries:

July 2018 Globe Challenge

Today, the first day of the Globe Challenge, our three-year-old learned about Egypt.

Here’s what we did:

  1. Found Egypt on the globe.
  2. Found the United States (and Dallas, Texas, in particular) on the globe.
  3. Pretended with our fingers to be an airplane, crossing the Atlantic Ocean to get from Dallas to Egypt.
  4. Talked about the letter that ‘Egypt’ begins with (an “E”).
  5. Asked Alexa, through the Amazon Echo Dot, for the capital city of Egypt and for the most commonly spoken languages of Egypt.
  6. Opened The Hello Atlas app, tapped Africa, then tapped Arabic, and repeated three common phrases (Hello, How are you?, Thank you) in Arabic.

Throughout the day, we asked our son things like, “Do you remember what country we learned about today?” and “What letter does ‘Egypt’ start with?”

Today’s #GlobeChallenge took all of five or seven minutes, but our son was engaged throughout its entirety, and we’re already looking forward to studying about Japan tomorrow.

In addition to the #GlobeChallenge Instagram image, we designed a printable worksheet that includes more research-based questions that can easily be answered by Amazon Alexa (or your preferred voice-activated smart speaker device).

Older children can complete this worksheet themselves, but you can help little ones by filling out the worksheet for them. You might surprise yourself what you learn about the world!

Download the printable worksheet (PDF) here.

July 2018 Globe Challenge

If you’re on Instagram, share your Globe Challenge photos with @LanguagePreschools through the hashtag #GlobeChallenge OR by tagging us.

We’d love to share your pictures of your globes, your completed worksheets, and your kiddos working their way through the country-a-day challenge.

For the Globe Challenge, help your preschool-aged kids find a new country on the globe, and do age-appropriate activities related to the country of the day.

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