Facebook has been in the news a lot lately…and not for great reasons. But despite Facebook’s recent data and PR issues, the social network is still one of the leading platforms for inspiring community and conversation.

In particular, it’s a great place for connecting monolingual, bilingual, and multilingual families whose children are learning one or more languages, whether in or out of the home.

Here are nine of the best Facebook groups for parents raising bilingual kids (in no particular order):

Multilingual Parenting

Bilingual / Multilingual Kids & Families

Raising Bilingual Kids and Little Global Citizens

Non-Native Language Parenting to raise Bilingual/Multilingual Children

Raising Bilingual/Multilingual Children

Multilingual Kids – parent support, resources, ideas group

The Cultured Kid Community – Raising Bilingual Kids

Non-native Speakers Raising Bilingual/Multilingual Children

Language Immersion Preschool Families

Some of these groups have little more than 100 members, whereas others have thousands. From our experience, the size of the group doesn’t necessarily indicate or represent the level of member engagement. With committed admins and group members, a small Facebook group can be just as helpful, supportive, and responsive as a larger group. So don’t be afraid to request membership in the smaller ones as well as the larger ones.

Also, remember that not every group structure or dynamic will be right for your personality or social media style. For instance, the level to which group admins create and enforce “group rules” varies among the groups listed above. Some people do not do well with the more stringent requirements of a few groups, whereas others thrive under such strict guidelines. If one Facebook group doesn’t fit your taste, no worries. Be respectful and move onto the next until you find your community.

Why join a Facebook group for parents raising bilingual kids?

There are so many reasons to check out these Facebook groups if you are raising kids who speak a minority language. Think resources, tips and advice, encouragement, connection and much more. These types of groups tend to bring together friendly people, and we’ve yet to see disparaging or belittling comments (shout-out, too, to all the admins who serve as faithful and wise moderators!).

What are your favorite Facebook groups for parents raising bilingual kids? If you have more to add, please leave us a note in the comments!

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