The Language Immersion School Handbook: Advice from a Monolingual Mom Raising a Bilingual Child

by Kaci Schack, Founder of Language Preschools

About the eBook

When you witness your child go from knowing 10 words to hundreds of words in a second language, over the course of a year, you can’t help but write an eBook about it. My son started his language immersion preschool program barely knowing any German. Today, he effortlessly chatters and sings in German, and he even teaches new things to my husband and me!

Our language immersion school has made a tremendous impact on our family, and I want to share my experiences with other moms and dads out there who are considering, or just starting, language immersion preschools for their children.

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The Language Immersion School Handbook

What’s inside the eBook?

Here’s what you can expect to see within:

1. Introduction: Our Journey
2. Overview of Language Immersion Schools
3. The Benefits
4. Researching Language Immersion Schools
5. Choosing a School
6. Preparing for the First Day
7. Getting Involved
8. Enriching the Experience at Home
9. Barriers
10. Alternatives
11. What Comes After?
12. Conclusion

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