Are you a homeschool parent with a busy homeschool schedule?

I have many homeschoolers in my family–several close and distant cousins, mainly. Even though I wasn’t homeschooled, I have a huge respect for parents who choose that path. I’m also thankful that here in the United States we have, for the most part, freedom of school choice.

If you are homeschooling your child, it’s a safe bet that you have an open mind toward non-traditional education options. So part-time language immersion classes or bilingual preschool might not be too far out of the question for you to consider adding to your homeschool schedule.

Other homeschool parents, bloggers and advocates have tried the hybrid out-of-home preschool / homeschool schedule and written about it:

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Even though I didn’t attend preschool–my mom was a stay-at-home mom, plus daycare or preschool of any type was frowned upon by our family back then–I believe now that adding bilingual preschool to your weekly homeschool schedule can be a wonderful idea.

For toddlers and preschoolers, benefits include second (or multiple!) language exposure, interaction with other children, physical activity, the opportunity to learn to receive instruction from other adults, and immune-system boosting.

For you, the parent, this provides an opportunity to cultivate some hobbies and interests that you’ve set aside.

Most language immersion preschools offer part-time options, a great fit for homeschool families

In our research of hundreds of language immersion preschools across the United States, we’ve found that most of them offer part-time options. Some preschools meet half-days every day. Others have even more flexible options, such as two-hour drop-ins just a few days a week. Even if a part-time or flex schedule isn’t explicitly advertised, inquiring with the director certainly doesn’t hurt!

The potential downside to language immersion preschools for homeschool families?

If there’s one downside for trying to incorporate language immersion preschool classes into a homeschool schedule, it’s the cost. This may not be a concern for some homeschool families, but many I know have trimmed their budgets and minimized their expenses to allow one parent to stay home and homeschool full time. I applaud these families for their resourcefulness.

I don’t say this often, but language immersion preschools may not be for everyone, and this is a prime example. Besides, homeschool parents have access to more homeschool-targeted language learning resources now than ever before. TalkBoxes from TalkBox.Mom, Spanish and French books from Epic! [disclosure: this is an affiliate link, which just means I make a commission if you buy…at no extra cost to you!], and online lessons from The Cultured Kid are just a few samples of available resources for homeschoolers. Stay tuned for future posts with more comprehensive language resource lists.

If you homeschool, leave us a comment to let us know how you feel about adding a language immersion program to your homeschool schedule. We’d love to hear from you!

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