It’s August!

August represents a few major things: the transition to [slightly] cooler weather, the start of football [pre]season, and, for families, the beginning of another school year. For our family, it’s also the month before our baby’s due date. What a crazy thought.

If school hasn’t started yet, you’re likely collecting last-minute back to school supplies. For parents of kids in elementary school and above, this time of year is marked by shopping for binders and backpacks, pens and paper.

Many parents of preschool-aged children are also doing some shopping of their own, especially if their children attend a language immersion preschool that follows a school-calendar year (and most do).

Our son’s preschool starts later this month, but from his teachers we’ve already received an email with a suggested back to school supplies list. We’re semi-minimalists, so we try to get by with the bare minimum. That’s why we only have six recommended items in this back to school supplies list for preschoolers.

Obviously, your kiddo needs fresh clothes every day, including clean undies (or pull-ups). Beyond that, there’s not much that you absolutely need to send to school with your child. Sometimes, less is best because it helps cut down on clutter.

Here’s a six-item back to school supplies list, though, of must-haves for preschoolers:

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Wildkin Nap Mat

Some preschools provide and wash your child’s bedding, but others, like our German immersion preschool, puts that responsibility on the parents. For the past two years that our son has attended his immersion program, we have sent him with a mattress cover, plush blanket, and toddler-sized pillow. This year, however, the preschool has specifically requested all-in-one bedding (a nap mat with a built-in blanket and pillow) for easier clean-up and storage when the children aren’t napping.

They recommend the Wildkin Nap Mat, an Amazon Prime-eligible item that currently has 4.5 stars out of nearly 2,400 reviews. It rolls up, attaches together with Velcro fastening straps, and has a carrying strap, so it’s easy to tote. This PVC-, BPA- and phthalate-free nap mat comes in a variety of patterns and colors, and measures 20 x 50 inches.

View the Wildkin Nap Mat on Amazon.

Wildkin Backpack

Another Wildkin brand find on Amazon is the backpack. At 12 x 6.5 x 10 inches, this backpack is a great size for preschoolers. It is also PVC-, BPA- and phthalate-free, and can be ordered in the same pattern as the Wildkin Nap Mat to complete a matching set.

This backpack includes an insulated front pocket and side mesh water bottle pocket. Get it for your preschooler now so that he or she can use it through kindergarten–and possiby beyond!

View the Wildkin Backpack on Amazon.

NORTY Moccasin Slippers

We’re not sure whether or not this is a German cultural preference, but the children at our school are expected to wear special “Hausschuhe” (house shoes) indoors. We think it’s a great idea because it not only minimizes the clean-up required by the teachers and staff, but it also controls the spread of gross bacteria on the soles of shoes. The house shoes (also called slippers in some parts of the country and world) are kept in the children’s cubbies overnight, to be slipped on the next morning when they arrive back at school.

These super comfy NORTY moccasin slippers are available in several colors and children’s sizes, and they have excellent reviews on Amazon. Plus, they’re Amazon Prime eligible, which is awesome if you’re a Prime member.

View the NORTY Moccasin Slippers on Amazon.

Oakiwear Rubber Rain Boots

Do any of you mamas and papas love rain boots as much as we do? Rain boots make rainy days ten times more fun…even for adults.

Rain boots are required at our German immersion preschool. After all, to the Germans, Scandinavians, Norwegians, etc., “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.” Our kids are outdoors, rain or shine, which is one reason why we’re obsessed with our preschool. But part of being outdoors is being dressed right. With these adorable, lightweight Oakiwear rubber rain boots for toddlers and slightly older kids, you can’t go wrong. Also available in lots of other patterns!

View the Oakiwear Rubber Rain Boots on Amazon.

CamelBak eddy Kids Insulated Water Bottle

When parents send their kids to school with a pre-filled water bottle, they never have to worry about them going thirsty. This year, we parents of children at the immersion preschool have been requested to pack an insulated water bottle. At our house, we have tons of water bottles, but for the kids, none of them are insulated. So again, we’re turning to Amazon for a wide selection to choose from.

Being dishwasher safe is one of our top criteria for a water bottle purchase (along with being BPA-free), and this CamelBak eddy Kids water bottle is–for the top dishwasher rack only.

View the CamelBak eddy Kids Insulated Water Bottle on Amazon.

Avery No-Iron Kids Clothing Labels

Labeling all the things on your back to school supplies list probably isn’t how you want to spend the weekend before the start of school. But it’s an inevitable part of parenthood, and like it or not, we have to suck it up and get it done. You can certainly order cute, personalized clothing (and other item) labels from Etsy, but let’s say you’re like us (no judgment here!) and waited until the last minute. It happens.

Simply order a 45-label pack from Amazon, get them with free one-day shipping (as long as you’re a Prime member), grab that Sharpie, and get to work writing your child’s name that you so carefully chose during your pregnancy with said child. Amazon sells lots of labels, but this particular set is “Amazon’s Choice,” which is why we’re choosing and recommending it.

View the Avery No-Iron Kids Clothing Labels on Amazon.

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