Imagine if your preschool-aged child could be fluent in two or more languages, with minimal to no effort on your part.

Wouldn’t that be incredible? Through language immersion schools, your dreams of raising a bilingual or multilingual child can become a reality.

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My Experience with Language Immersion Schools

Hi, I’m Kaci Schack. Welcome to my site,! I’m the mom of a preschooler who goes to a German language immersion school in Texas. Before my son was born, I had no intention of eventually enrolling him in a bilingual preschool program. I wasn’t opposed to the idea — I had just never thought about it being a possibility.

Shortly after he was born, I started learning German on my own and exploring the options for bilingual childcare. It was then that I came across the language immersion school that he now attends.

In 2017, I wrote The Language Immersion School Handbook: Advice from a Monolingual Mom Raising a Bilingual Child. In it, I share my experience with language immersion schools, both first-hand and through what I learned while researching the eBook.

To put it simply, we love our language immersion school. My son doesn’t speak much German at home because my husband and I are both primarily English speakers, but I’m amazed by how effortlessly he speaks the language with his teachers. It’s the little things, like my son asking his teacher, without hesitation, “Kann ich bitte es zu Hause nehmen?” (asking if he can take a rock home).

Language Immersion Schools for Your Preschooler

You can find language immersion schools in every major city in the United States, and even in many smaller cities and rural areas. Most are equipped to care for children as young as 18 months. Many run through elementary, middle and sometimes high school. is focused specifically on preschool language immersion programs. My goal is to connect more American families with the non-traditional option of immersion preschools.

Knowing more than one language is an essential skill for our global, twenty-first century youth. But if you’re primarily monolingual like I am, passing a second language onto your child can be challenging, if not downright impossible. Thanks to language immersion schools, you don’t have to do it alone.

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